PunchLight Recording sign Plexi Large 50x11x2 cm

PunchLight Recording sign Plexi Large 50x11x2 cm
Varenr. PLPlexiL
Pris kr 2 484,75
The Recording PlexSign is a uniquely designed light unit set in high-grade plexiglass. The illuminated letters are engraved using a high precision milling technique. Aesthetically stunning, it has the same functionality as the Recording Display. In the standard version the product displays "RECORDING" in red and also has a light for standby/cue (yellow). It attaches to any door or wall via one wire with hooks. It comes in a very smart brushed aluminum casing.

It has to be connected to the PunchLight GPI, PunchLight DLi or the PunchLight MIDI either of which act as a trigger.


• Connection to PunchLight MIDI, PunchLight GPI or DLi
• Indicating recording (red) and record ready/preroll (yellow)
• Size - 50cm x 11cm x 2cm, 19,7" x 4,3" x 0,8" (w x h x d)
• Tube color - platinum
• Default cable length - 10m / 33 ft
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