Auralex ProPad-XL Monitor isolation

Auralex ProPad-XL Monitor isolation
Pris kr 3 745,00
Get the best sound out of your monitors with Auralex ProPAD XL studio monitor isolation pads

Based off of the best-selling MoPADs, the ProPAD XL uses an MDF base covered with ISO-plate to isolate your speakers. Like the shock absorbers in your car, ProPAD XLs sit under your monitors or subwoofer, absorbing vibrations that would otherwise transfer into your desk or your floor. You'll get cleaner, more accurate speaker playback that will make your mixing easier than ever. You've paid good money for your monitors, now get the most out of them by adding a set of Auralex ProPAD XL studio monitor isolation pads.


Auralex ProPAD XL Studio Monitor Isolation Pads Features:

  • Acoustic isolation for your larger studio monitors or subwoofers
  • Adjustable angles
  • Dimensions: 13" L x 19" W x 2.125" D
  • Slip-resistant top


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